Got A Cold or Flu? 4 Effective Techniques To Clear Your Head Now

Do you have a cold? Feel blocked up in the head? Do you struggle with sinus issues? Do you want to know how to clear your head in a matter of minutes?


If that's you, then watch the video below or keep reading as I describe 4 effective, easy to perform techniques that you can use on yourself (or a family member) to open up drainage pathways and clear your head and sinuses. These are these exact techniques as part of my management of colds, flu and sinus congestion on patients in the clinic...and they respond beautifully. 


When you get a cold, a flu, a sinus infection or sinus congestion, it makes life tough. I'm sure we've all been there. You've got foggy thinking, a headache, it's hard to breathe, it's an effort to even hold your head up. Think of the last time you had a cold or flu, did you feel heavy in the head, blocked up and congested? You may have been unable to sleep or get adequate rest to support you to recover.


Your body needs to do its thing...To isolate and clear the infection. There are many things we can do to help this process along so you can support the body to recover faster and feel better, sooner.

Watch this video or keep reading...

The 4 Techniques to Clear Your Head

  1. Thoracic Duct Massage - Use your fingertips to massage over the area just underneath the collarbone near the midline. It may be a little tender, don't push too hard or to the point of pain. Do that for 30 seconds.
  2. Neck Drainage - Run the side of your pointer finger down the opposite side of your neck. Start at the lump on the lower part of the skull just behind the ear and slide down towards the collarbone and forward where it meets the sternum. Use enough pressure to feel the muscle, but not too much to push into the muscle. Do that 6-8 times each side.
  3. Facial Tube Flush -Using your fingers, brush the skin from the side of the nose, down to the back of the jaw line. This pressure is just enough to get below the skin and place a slight stretch on the skin. Do this 6-8 times each side.
  4. Sinus Tap - Tap over the four main sinus areas. Start at the ends of the eyebrows near the nose, Quickly and lightly tap with 1 or 2 fingertips. Do this for 30 seconds. Then tap over the cheekbone near the nose on both sides, again with one or two fingertips.


Strategies to Speed up Your Recovery

  • Steam Inhalation
  • Salt Water Flush
  • Towel Exercise


Supplements to Get you Back to Your Best

  • NAC (N-acetylcysteine)
  • Quercetin
  • Vitamin A, D, E, K2 (Vitamin A & D from food ONLY - eg. Cod Liver Oil, unless a measured deficiency)
  • Vitamin C (Especially Intravenous Vitamin C)
  • Zinc, Magnesium, Selenium
  • Andrographis
  • And many more (see report below)


Foods to Recover & Boost Your Immune System

  • Garlic - raw or cooked
  • Ginger - fresh is best
  • Bone Broth - organic bones
  • Manuka Honey - use local
  • Mushrooms - use a variety
  • Brightly coloured vegetables
  • Berries - organic where possible
  • And many more (see report below)

This information is just the tip of the iceberg. To give you more detail on this subject in a practical, easy to implement format, I've completed a great report called "Got a Cold or Flu? Clear Your Head Fast with These Quick Techniques & Tips".

It covers things like more detailed instructions on how to clear your head when you are congested, how to support your body to recover faster, more supplements and foods to focus on PLUS how to support your immune system all year round, then this is for you.


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Written by Dr. Jess Harvey B.Sc. (Anat, Phys), B.Ap.Sci (Comp. Med.), Ma Osteo., Registered Osteopath and Director of Head 2 Toe Health.

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This information is intended as a general guide only and is not specific for any particular condition or situation. This information is for educational purposes only. Please seek specific advice for your individual circumstances.